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The natural hair growth serums for scalp hair, eyelashes and eyebrows. Made from 100% natural ingredients and composed according to the renowned formula MKMS24.

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Hair loss in women and men.

40 % Frauen und  80 % Männer über 30 leiden unter Haarausfall! Wir glauben daran, Wissenschaft und Natur miteinander verbinden zu können. Die MKMS24 Technologie aus Bambus-, Thymian- und Linsenextrakten ermöglicht es uns, Leistung und Gesundheit miteinander zu verbinden und so das Problem des Haarausfalls zu stoppen. 

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What our customers say

I was allowed to test Natucain before the official launch. At the back of my head I had isolated bald spots, which began to fill up again after just a few weeks of using Natucain. Meanwhile, I use it over 4 months and have visibly fuller hair. *

I have been taking Natucain for about 6 weeks now. At the beginning nothing happened and I wanted to give up. Then, after 4 weeks, the hair loss became less. It is still somewhat there but new hair is growing everywhere! Stubble even on the hereditary hated Geheimratsecken. Really great! I will continue to use it. My hair feels great! *

In the last third of my pregnancy I suddenly had severe hair loss. I was allowed to test Natucain in advance and since then I use it regularly. The first baby hairs are already visible and I find that my hair also feels thicker again *

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