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Women's Hair Loss: Reasons and ways to stop hair loss

Posted by Stefanie Seyda on
Haarausfall bei Frauen stoppen

A look at female hair loss : causes and help for fast hair growth.

Elegant, long hair like Kate Middleton, the mane of Julia Roberts, the full glory of Beyoncé: it is the hair that strongly shapes the beauty ideal of women. Therefore, hair loss is a scary idea for women. To reassure: Hair falling out after washing and hair in the brush are quite normal. We lose about 100 hairs a day. This is a natural process , which is related to the different growth phases of the hair.

If significantly more hair falls out and even over a longer period of time, something should be done for hair growth as soon as possible. The signs are easy to recognize, because the hair on the head usually slowly becomes increasingly thinner. In addition, dandruff spreads over the entire scalp. Sudden, severe hair loss is also reported by many women. Then the hair growth should be quickly stimulated again and also the question of the causes should be quickly clarified. Both are very important for external and internal beauty, but also for one's own self-confidence and self-perception.

The causes of hair loss in women are manifold. Possibly there is a genetic disposition. Then parents and grandparents have already had to deal with the issue of hair loss. Alopecia, the scientific term for hair loss, is often a family issue. Of particular importance is the age. As a general rule, the older a person is, the thinner the hair becomes. The cause is hormonal changes in the aging process. Speaking of hormones, many women lose a lot of hair during pregnancy and menopause.

"With skin and hair" stress goes to the substance. Professional, private, family or health issues can stress the body and soul so much that the hair falls out or turns gray. Even trivial reasons can hinder hair growth:

This includes a chignon that is always pulled too tightly, vigorous combing of shaggy hair after washing, or pulling in any form.

Women's Hair Loss
Hair Growth Serum

Fast hair growth: nature and science help.

The latest scientific findings and combinations of nature-based ingredients help stimulate hair growth quickly. With Natucain, nature and science come together in perfect form: Hair Growth Activator with the patented formula reduces hair loss in a clearly visible way. With extracts of bamboo, thyme and lentils derived from stem cell technology, hair growth can be increased by 93% - it is very important that it even works without hormones, as these can sometimes have strong side effects, and Natucain wants to stimulate hair growth entirely without side effects.

In addition, there are many natural ways to let the hair become fuller and grow again. The A & O is a loving care of the wet ( and dry !) Hair. Even strong hair does not like it when they are plucked and tugged. A small investment in a good brush often helps to protect the hair and make it look fuller again. In terms of styling, less is good for more hair growth. Straightening irons, long blow-drying, barrettes made of scratchy metal or similar: It is precisely this renunciation that helps hair to grow again.

If you want to have a full head of hair, you should always pay attention to a balanced diet. The body and also the hair need fresh food, vitamins and vital substances for cell renewal. It is even more important to drink enough water, because not only hair, but about 2.5 liters of water are lost every day. This fluid should be compensated daily with water . These are beauty tips that can be implemented quickly and easily - and from within the body.

Relax completely and let the hair grow again.

Every body is a temple and so it should be treated. From head to toe. With leisure and devotion. What sounds a bit pathetic, can be observed on the hair

The more harmonious the balance, the more balanced the person, the more "tidy" the soul, the more beautiful the hair. A little tip for everyday life: breathe deeply when things get particularly stressful and take care of yourself and your body overall, then nothing will stand in the way of healthy hair - at least in the case of acute hair loss.

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