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Stop hair loss - without chemicals!

Posted by Stefanie Seyda on
Wie stoppe ich Haarausfall ohne Chemie?

"Hair loss affects men as much as women," explains Stefanie Seyda, developer of Natucain. "Regardless of gender, hair is the first thing you visually notice about a person. And let's face it: full hair is an expression of youthfulness. Of vitality. That's why I wanted to develop a product that stops hair loss. One that you can apply over a large area - hormone-free, natural and without side effects."

In fact, studies from England say that around 40 percent of men have suffered from hair loss by the time they reach the age of 25. For women, hair loss is more situational. Their hair is often sensitive to stress, general changes, hormone fluctuations or drastic situations.

"In view of these studies, it was important for me to find a formula that is effective for both men and women - regardless of age or life situation," explains Seyda.

Naturalness also played a major role. "Especially the generation that is growing up today questions much more than my generation did. They live much more consciously and value naturalness."

After many years of research, Natucain was born. It is hormone-free, contains neither silicones nor dyes - but 100 percent purely natural ingredients. "Today, we no longer have to resort to purely chemical or pharmaceutical processes and active ingredients," the expert knows. "We make hair grow demonstrably and naturally."

But how does the wonder weapon work?

"Natucain rebalances the hair growth cycle," says Stefanie Seyda, explaining further, "Hair growth consists of three phases. In the first, the anagen phase, the hair develops in the hair root and grows for about five years." In the second phase, the catagen phase, the hair follicle shrinks, detaches from the blood supply and enters a kind of dormant state. This phase lasts no more than a few weeks. At the end, the telogen phase follows. During this, the hair detaches and falls out.

"This is exactly where Natucaine picks up. Due to its active ingredient MKMS24, the anagen phase is prolonged, and the catagen phase in turn is shortened. Thus, hair grows faster and hair loss decreases."

MKMS24 sounds strange at first. But in fact, it is a molecule that, thanks to the latest technologies from the field of medical technology and biochemistry, could be obtained from lentils, thyme and bamboo and is thus actually purely vegetable.

So nature also has all kinds of things to offer. The only important thing is to start treatment in good time. According to Stefanie Seyda's motto:

"We need to protect hair from the first day it grows!".

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