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Broken hair: Can I save my hair?

Posted by Stefanie Seyda on
Kaputtes Haar: Kann ich meine Haare retten?


I have been looking forward to the reunion with a friend from England for weeks. Michelle, so I will call her here, is my personal fashion queen. There is hardly a trend that she does not know or participates. Art, culture and shopping were on the program for our time together. You guessed it: it came of course quite different. We spent the time at my home and dedicated to the hair of my girlfriend. Some trends she had absolutely wanted to do, but after that her hair went on full strike - it looked unhappy and dried out. I could understand her very well. She was very taken and you could see it on her and her hair.

Broken hair needs you and a lot of care.

Dyeing, straightening, tying, blow-drying, salt water, sun: our hair has a lot of stress. If psychological stress and an unhealthy lifestyle are added to the mix, hair also goes on strike. Massive split ends, dull hair, irregular coloring and hair loss are the consequences of a permanent (or too massive) overload of the hair. Then a rescue program should start as soon as possible. My recommendations are:

  1. Cut broken ends.
  2. Even if it hurts the soul, hair ends with split ends must be cut off. If they are off, the hairstyle looks better again directly. So every 4-6 months make an appointment for cutting can make sense.
  3. Do not wash the hair every day and if, with a regenerative and revitalizing shampoo.
    For these cases I have developed the Natucain hair care consisting of a shampoo and a conditioner. Without silicones and sulfates, the hair already gets the opportunity to regenerate while washing. The nourishing, natural ingredients provide broken hair with exactly what it needs to recover. The hair-strengthening MKMS24 active ingredient complex and caffeine revitalize the hair and get it going again. With the matching superfood oils, it is also nourished and no longer looks dried out.
  4. Gentle treatment for the hair already when combing through.
    After washing, the hair should definitely be treated with a conditioner. This is also available in Natucain hair care with the strengthening MKMS24 formula. Both products, i.e. shampoo and conditioner, contain a nourishing superfood complex. Turmeric reduces oxidative stress of the hair and protects against hair breakage. Amaranth and chia seed extracts already strengthen the hair follicles. Extracts from quinoa seeds rebuild the lost elasticity. Ginger is enormously important. It makes the hair shiny and soft again.
  5. Reduce psychological pressure.
    Anything that puts a strain on body and soul should be significantly minimized during a (hair) stressful phase. Pay attention to professional stress and gratefully accept every opportunity for relief. Look at private pressure. This can also be too many appointments. Often, a "no" and many a cross in the calendar already work wonders. Swap your smartphone for a good book and the TV for a walk. This may sound banal, but daily mindfulness of these issues makes life more beautiful.
  6. Eat delicious food and drink plenty.
    I also recommend superfoods for the stomach: fresh fruits and vegetables, lots of chia, amaranth and quinoa. Try new recipes and find out what you like and what is good for your body. Lots of water (with or without ginger) is a must.
I have implemented all the tips intensively with my girlfriend. We had a very nice week together. My girlfriend's hair did not look completely revitalized after a week, but the glow was back. She has been using the shampoo, conditioner and Natucain hair serum for about 2 months now. Her hair is beautiful again and the new hair has started to grow and is already clearly visible. My friend will wait a little longer before coloring her hair again. She went to London with best intentions to be more natural and healthy. We will see... Our next reunion is planned and I am already curious about the latest trend from London.

Take care, all the best, your Steffi.

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    • EthinixSalon on

      Thank you for sharing these treasured hints on repairing broken hair! It’s irritating when our hair loses its vitality, however, your hints supply sensible options to assist restoration of its health. I mainly recognize the emphasis on acceptable hydration, nourishing treatments, and mild care.

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