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Microbiome: Healthy scalp, healthy hair!

Posted by Stefanie Seyda on
Mikrobiom: Gesunde Kopfhaut, gesundes Haar!

Years ago, when asked about the three things I would take with me to a desert island, I spontaneously said "a microscope". Of course, I got a few laughs for that and I can still smile about it. I have remained true to my scientific curiosity. When I work in the lab on formulating serums or "getting to the bottom" of active ingredients, I feel confirmed in my choice. Today, things are getting a bit more scientific, so I thought of this episode.

Before we turn to the scalp today, I would like to briefly draw attention to the hands. Our hands are under permanent stress because they are washed so often. We feel this at the end of a washing-intensive day at the latest. Even without magnification, you can see how dry, wrinkled, cracked or even red the skin is. So naturally we react with a pampering program. Creaming, leaving hands alone for a while, nightly regeneration. If we overuse our hands for too long, more severe, painful and unattractive consequences can appear. And now honestly: Who thinks that the scalp is also stressed and needs rest?

The scalp also requires a balance.

For years we have known from research that a lot of microbes are active on the scalp, mainly bacteria, but also fungi and viruses. This is scientifically called the microbiome. When this ecosystem is healthy, the "good bacteria" do their job and create a balanced climate for good hair growth and beautiful hair. However, negative factors can also unbalance a healthy microbiome:

  • Heat or Hot Water
  • Any form of heat styling such as blow drying too hot
  • Chemicals
  • Incorrect and too frequently used cosmetics
  • Detergents and especially fabric softener in towels
  • Environmental influences
  • Air-conditioned rooms
  • Mechanical influences such as brushing too vigorously, frequent scratching, rubbing too dry with a towel

In the meantime, we also know that a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet, sufficient drinking quantity and good work-life balance also has a positive effect on the scalp's microbiome. I cannot emphasize this component often enough.

Dull and weak hair, greasy and flat hairline, musty smell, itchy scalp, dandruff (lichen) or hair loss: probably the natural ecosystem is out of balance. Action is needed to counteract this, because a healthy scalp also promotes healthy hair and even hair growth with little hair loss at the same time. Since this topic is a personal concern for Natucain and for me, it is therefore not far to also devote our attention to the microbiome.

Natural strengthening for the scalp microbiome.

Like the hands, the scalp needs breaks and protection from everything that puts the ecosystem at risk. Less (of everything) is the best motto here. The most important measure is: wash less often. If you have a healthy scalp, you can do without washing your hair every day. A good hairdryer does a perfect job at low temperatures. And in any, really any case, the care products should be of the best, natural quality. Plastic does not belong in shampoos and conditioners. Neither does it belong in the world's oceans, whose ecosystems have long been under too much threat.

If the condition of the microbiome is so bad that the hair falls out, the scalp needs effective support to regenerate. In many studies, we have been able to prove the positive effects of our patented active ingredient formula MKM24 - which is contained in the Natucain growth serums for hair, eyelashes, and eye building. We obtained MKMS24 based on stem cell technologies from bamboo, thyme and lentil extracts. The serum works on the scalp, directly at the hair root, stimulating hair with the nutrients needed for fast, strong growth. MKMS24 can work all the better if the microbiome is also healthy and in tact. After all, if the soil is healthy and fertile, the grass can grow well too (to use a metaphor).

We see the quality of the microbiome in microscopic examinations and can precisely track changes accordingly. Samples also show that spa treatments in thermal water have a positive effect. Why: Because so-called thermophilic bacteria live here and can rebalance the microbiome on the scalp.

Another natural way to strengthen our scalp and also with it the hair growth is with the natural hair serum. The hair growth Serum with the power of bamboo, thyme and lentil stimulates the hair at the root and promotes hair growth. This reduces hair loss and provides full hair.

For me, looking through my microscope is always a new journey into the world of ecosystems. Today I can often say: I see what you don't see.

All the best, your Steffi.

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    Ich benutze Natucain seit dem 15.September, seit dem 29.Sept. habe ich auf der Kopfhaut Pickel und juckende Stellen. Was kann ich tun?

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