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The three phases of hair growth - this is how fast hair grows

Posted by Stefanie Seyda on
Haarausfall stoppen ohne Nebenwirkungen

They are curly, straight, wild, thin, stubborn or thick. Our hair often leads a life of its own, we really only worry about it when it doesn't do what we want. You've probably never thought about how exactly hair grows. Or whether the growth is the same for every person. In this blog you will learn how the growth of hair works and how you can make your hair grow faster in a healthy way.

Have we aroused your curiosity? Then read on …

„Hair grows in three cycles," knows Stefanie Seyda, co-founder and co-developer of Natucain. A hair has an average lifespan of up to six years, which can be divided into the growth phase (the so-called anagen phase), the transition phase (the catagen phase) and the resting phase (the telogen phase). Yes, a hair can actually live up to six years!

The three phases of hair growth - this is how fast hair grows

But here's a catch: this only applies to women. The lifespan of male head hair is between two and four years. This depends - just like hair growth in general - mainly on genetic and hormonal factors and differences, but also on age. Many ask themselves the question, how fast does my hair actually grow in a week, month or even year? "In the growth phase, the hair grows about one centimeter per month - until the catagen phase sets in. This lasts two to four weeks before the hair detaches from the hair follicle and makes room for a new hair. This is the telogen, and therefore last, phase of a hair's life." It can take up to four months for the hair to finally detach and fall out.  

Hair Loss


The fact that a hair falls out is therefore quite natural and is part of the growth process. As a result of this cycle, around 15% of all hairs are in the telogen phase and are, so to speak, preparing to fall out.



However, Stefanie Seyda explains that this is just an optical illusion: "You quickly get the impression that straight hair grows much faster than curly hair. At the same time, it is simply less noticeable with curls due to the movement in the hair." Hair color also plays no role in growth. However, light hair is usually finer than dark hair and therefore breaks off more easily. This can give the impression that dark hair is ahead in growth.



Compared to body hair, however, head hair is particularly active: "It grows much faster than all other hair on the body. If you add up the growth of all the hairs on your head, they grow about a kilometer a month!" In fact, they are in a greater hurry in summer: "Hair grows faster in warmth than in cold temperatures," says expert Stefanie Seyda. 

 Results Natucain Hair Growth Serum


If the cycles get out of balance, hair loss can occur. Around 40 percent of women and 80 percent of men suffer from thinning hair. A little patience and care sometimes already helps, solves the problem in many cases and stimulates hair growth again.


Hair Growth Serum




With the hair growth product Natucain, we have managed to combine science and nature and effectively counteract hair loss and strengthen hair growth by 93 percent with our active ingredient MKMS24 from bamboo and lentil extracts. It stimulates hair directly at the root and can prolong the anagen growth phase. Together with Stefanie Seyda we researched for a long time - out came this great tonic spray from Natucain.


Explore Natucain and it's natural hair growth serum


Once that's done, we're happy about bad hair days again. After all, they are part of the game!


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