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Prevent hair loss during the summer

Posted by Stefanie Seyda on
Haarwuchsmittel Inhalt

Finally, finally, finally: it's summer. I'm already longing for sun, sea and wind. This year I will visit friends in Italy. I love to travel with light summer luggage. However, my must haves for skin & hair are indispensable - because what lets the soul dangle, can stress the body. And these essentials are virtually a guarantee that the hair also remains healthy and supple in the summer, despite all the stresses with sun exposure, chlorine and salty sea water.

Tips to avoid hair loss and breakage in the summer:

1. Water, water, water
Even before the day of travel and especially during the trip, I drink extra water. The sun can dry out our skin, scalp and hair in no time.
That's when water is my #1 staple.
Water is also THE vacation savior for my hair: on vacation, I jump into the cool water at every opportunity. Whether short refreshment in the pool, wet fun on the beach or a jump from the boat into the sea: Of course, sea salt and especially chlorine attacks the hair strongly. That's why I always wet my hair beforehand. This is a good protection.
2. Shampoo with a ph-value between 4.5 and 5.5
In summer, I treat my hair to a particularly moisturizing and, above all, ph-neutral shampoo. The ph-value is enormously important, because a too high ph-value can dry out the hair strongly. The drier the hair, the more friction, which results in frizz and hair breakage. I observe this very often during the summer vacations: Crisp brown women with long hair, which unfortunately looks totally dried out and straw-like. This would be so easy to avoid with the right shampoo.
3. Silk scarves
At the seaside we are always caressed by a light wind. I like that, especially after bathing. Only when my hair always tickles my face, it bothers me. Therefore, I used to make myself a tight knot or ponytail. And then reaped hair breakage. I have learned painfully from this. What I do nowadays: lightly flip hair up and wrap it with a side scarf. Feels like Grace Kelly, looks good, and protects the scalp and hair. To tie your hair even more gently, we've now developed a new scrunchie in collaboration with invisibobble. The scrunchie allows you to tie your hair gently and thus reduce hair loss and breakage. In addition, the scrunchie is also an ideal complement to your outfit.
4. A good hairbrush with soft bristles & a massage brush with silicone nubs
One time I forgot my hairbrush at home. I regretted that daily while on vacation in a remote Provence village. The untangling was a single Geziepe. A good brush made of natural materials cares for the hair enormously. Also advisable is a massage brush for the scalp: so you can gently massage the care substances into the scalp after shampooing (so, for example, the Natucain hair serum. The hair growth product stops your hair loss and stimulates hair growth) and stimulate blood circulation. Such a massage is known to also optimize the health of the scalp and thus the hair through improved blood circulation.
5. My hairdryer
I have a light hair dryer that can also be adjusted in temperature. The units in hotels are often "leashed" and overheat a lot. Whenever possible, I blow dry my hair. This is easy on the hair, although I find air drying on a Vespa more exciting.
Vacation preparations for my hair start 10 days before the trip begins. For me, with a visit to the hairdresser. Then I have my tips cut and pamper my hair with a nourishing treatment. The healthier the hair, the more likely it is to withstand all vacation activities without damage. Well-groomed hair simply feels good and always looks better, too. I need that to feel good all around, even on vacation. When I'm on vacation, I like to treat myself to a few hair and skin treatments. The more often I swim in the pool or sea, the longer my hair blows in the convertible, the more often I thank my body with nourishing units. ATTENTION: I always dye my hair only after the vacation, because chlorinated water can cause greenish colors. Then even the best complexion no longer looks good.

You know that natural ingredients are very important to me. Don't be put off and pay attention to the quality when buying hair care. Avoid silicones, parabens and synthetics in shampoos, conditioners and masks. This protects the oceans and also your body.

Happy vacations and all the best, your Steffi.

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