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Conditions of participation "Money back guarantee "

Get your money back if you don't see results!

Want to try Natucain but unsure if the 100% natural hair restorer will work? We at Natucain are convinced of our product and offer you a money back guarantee!

IMPORTANT to note here:

The time limit of the guarantee is 12 weeks from purchase. You must have used the product for 12 weeks.

The guarantee is valid for one Natucain Tonic Spray per customer.

You must take a picture of the affected area BEFORE using Natcuain and AFTER using Natcuain.

Likewise, it is crucial that you read the application carefully beforehand:

During the first month, apply 1ml (6 pumps) in the morning and evening on the areas affected by hair loss.

From the second month only once a day.

You should be careful NOT to use shampoos with silicones while using Natucain, as they minimize the effect.

If you have further questions about the product, please visit our FAQs or send us an email.

You don't see results after 12 weeks? Send us a mail and we will refund your money!