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Hair gentle scrunchie


  • Reduces hair breakage and hair loss
  • Reduces friction and pressure on the hair & hair root
  • Comfortable to wear without pulling or tugging
  • No marks or kinks in the hair
  • Vegan & sustainable bamboo material

The silky bamboo material of the Natucain Scrunchies reduces the direct friction of the hair and thus ensures less hair breakage. The material scores with a smooth, silky surface and thus causes less pulling in the hair. At the same time, less pressure is applied to the hair root, which benefits hair health and can reduce hair loss. Thanks to the integrated spiral hair elastic with HAIRLOVETECH™ from invisibobble®, headaches are a thing of the past as less pull is transferred to the hair. The scrunchie is pleasant and comfortable to wear and leaves no marks or kinks in the hair.
The new Natucain Scrunchie is the perfect hair accessory to stop stressing your hair during the Natucain regimen, as it reduces tension on the hair during styling.

Enjoy great hairstyles while protecting your hair.

Color: Sage - ice blue

Suitable for all hair types.


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